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goals 2018

what i want to be:

1. room stylist. to be able to style homes which functions. not just a pretty room.

2. a good violinist. i might need to buy a new one. and attend class with my child. start from bottom again.

3. to be able to give more money to my parent and my in laws.

im trying to be a person who gives more and achieve something more than myself.

sebelum ni, my life motto was i live for myself. everything i do, asalkan aku happy.
everything i do was to make sure im happy.

now i know that i can never be satisfied with my life like that.
dulu aku rasa bodohnya orang yang buat sesuatu just untuk buat orang lain bahagia.
now aku mula memahami..

sabar dan diam walaupun dalam kemarahan.

senyap dan senyum walaupun dicaci hina.

terus kuat walaupun semuanya sedang berkecai.

thats what makes u a strong person.

u can do anything you want but u hold yourself so that u will be a better person.

just senyap, senyum. paling ke belakang dan terus berjalan.
tetap menjadi seperti pokok rendang yan…