Wednesday, August 27, 2014

kadang2 senyum pon petanda sedih

Ada benda yang buat kite sedih sampai kite nanges..

Ada benda yang buat kite sedih sampai kite tak mampu nak nanges.

Hanya mampu senyum dan pasrah..

Friday, August 22, 2014

that little note that i guess made whole malaysia cry

Im such a cry baby.
I cry over almost everything.

Harini 22/8/2014
Hari berkabung Malaysia.
MH17 is coming home.

And i just saw on facebook.
a husband of one of the crew.
Left a bouquet of flowers at amsterdam airport.
For his wife. Who was killed.

With a note written on it

"To my one and only wife.
I will remember you forever."

And i just cried.
For almost 30 mins.
Hugging my husband.
And cry..

May you rest in peace..

So now i guess i need to leave husband a note.
In case i die first.

"Dear husband,

See you soon.. ill just wait until you get here. "