Thursday, March 3, 2016

Yada yada

Salam semua.

Its 0036 n I can't sleep.
Straight to the point.

Being a wife means I have to hold my emotions inside.
Its torturing me.
I can't tell people my problems
And I can't bear hiding it.

Airmata dah kering.
Perasaan dah redha.

Ya Allah
Kau berikan kebahagiaan buat kawan2 ku.
I feel their pain.
I cry their tears.

Make them the most happiest person.
Im lucky in many ways.
But im being ungratefull.

I told my husband.
He should practice changing alika's nappy
Im not gonna be here forever.

Deep inside it feels like he dont love me.
i told him im looking for lawyer syariah incase anything happen between us.

And he said nothing. Maybe he is too shock. Me being bold.

We dont have divorce in mind.
But we always keep it real.

Second marriage.
Child custody.
Second wife.
Yada. Yada. We talk about it calmly.

My ramblings is so random.
a lil.bit of pieces from everything in my life.