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Eid mubarak

Selamat hari raya.
Eid mubarak..

Be happy people..
Be happy with all the loved ones around us.
Be happy..

First time..

Malam ni will be the first time kena tinggal dengan husband.
Tido sorang2..
Xpenah lagi camneh..
Aku harap aku tak nanges malam neh..
Dua malam jugakla..


Currently feeling stisfied with the improving skin conditions.

Without makeup.without edit.

I really hate supplements or vitamins or any kind of medication.
But since i come back from perhentian. My skin get worse. With irritation and discoloration.

So i decided to take an extra care of my skin.
Now its gtting better. Alhamdulillah.
My sister also acknowledge the change.

Our baby

Our baby for time being.

Alhamdulillah. Walaupun Allah belum berikan kami little caliphs yet.
Allah berikan satu lagi keinginan kami.

Haritu fly to kl.
Our seats got separated.
I duduk lane 17
Husband duduk lane 18.

Tetibe rasa sedih.
We never separated that far since marriage.
Masa tu da fikir. I cant be without him.
Masa flight take off. I put my hand at the back of my seat so i can hold his hand.

Berbeza baris je.
Tapi rindu sangat rasa.
Baru perasan yang kami xpernah xtido sama.
24 jam bersama. Since kawen.

Now we work together.
Sama2 ikut sunnah nabi dengan berniaga.

Ade pro dan cons die.
Apa pun i just love the fact that i can always be with him.
Touch him when i miss him.
Ask him to hug me when i feel like it.

Nikmat paling besar yang tuhan bagi.


Wherever you are.
Know that we both love you.
And cant wait to meet you..


Is listening to superhuman by christ brown.

Some things will never change.
Some feelings will forever stay.

U will know what i mean.
One day.

One day.

Vacancy here

I still cant sleep from sahr.
My mind is running at full speed.
With more than one tab open.

I need a part timer this raya.
Now im facing a new challenge.
Before this i thought opening a new branch is a challenge.
Now i have two branches and now i know that staff is the real prob

I can easily expand my business
But im having a hard time finding a comitted staffs.

So i guess i need to think of a solution.
To maximise profits
While helping as many people as i can
And also provide me more freedon than before.

Kelebihan kahwin lelaki lebih tua.

Kelebihan kawen lelaki lebih tua.

In my case la kan.

1. Pandai jaga hati kite. Once kita cakap kite xsuke certain things. Terus die xbuat da. Or kalau die tahu kite xsuke pape awal2 lagi die da avoid benda tu.

Okey. Tu je buat masa sekarang..hehe