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Family Holiday

im currently in Terengganu...

my mom is really pushing for us to have this holiday together..

i wonder why....

anyway...happy holiday guys ;)

its my choice

i deleted all the old posts. i wanna start anew.

and i wanna start with everything right..

insya Allah, saya tak sembunyikan apa-apa daripada sesiapa..

i choose to take care of everything by doing what is right.

p/s: semoga semua orang bahagia dan dapat apa yang mereka impikan. aminn..

pengajaran dari cerita lalu

bila kita cakap kita sayang kat seseorang tu. ade banyak benda yang kite suke yang kita kena korbankan. demi untuk orang yang kite sayang tu. ada banyak benda yang kita suke dan seronok untuk kite buat.

for example, kite rapat dengan kawan berlainan jantina. tapi bila kite da ade bf/gf, and die tak suke kite rapat dengan kawan kite tu. terpaksalah kite berterus terang dengan kawan kite tu dan tak boleh jadi rapat mcm dulu demi org yg kita panggil sayang tu.

kite buat macam tu demi untuk jaga hati orang yang kita sayang. bila kita sayang seseorang tu, kita mesti taknak die sedih kan. taknak lukakan hati die. yes, semua manusia buat salah. saya ade salah saya sendiri.. ;( like if my bf tak suke saya main gamelan, i should stop demi untuk jaga hati die, kan? tapi dulu saya tak buat macam tu. tak tahulah kenapa..

cuma, apa yang saya nak bagitahu,

Yahya Adel Ibrahim‏@yahya_ibrahim
"I love you" is not an utterance, but a consistent behaviour of favoring your …

honey, u cant have it all.. u just cant..

there are certain things in life, that we always know that we never want to loose it.

but there are also things that we know we could never have.

we know that one day it will all disperse away.. and it will all turn to pieces.

and god, im greedy.. i want it all..

trying to keep things the way i want it forever.

i love my blood rushing. i love my heart pumping.

getting fat?

im gaining weight.
sigh~~ ;(


just a chorus from a song that i keep repeating these days. somehow i think it gives me a little push and hope in my life now. Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die...
You've gotta get up and try try try

by pink entitled try