Thursday, January 12, 2017

reality after marriage

my husband is out to the gym again tonight..
even our child is not home. he is not home too.

wow. things just change after marriage you know.
things that you planned before marriage just change.

we used to wanna be with each other 24/7
but now we or him exactly.
have so many things in mind without including me.

i wanted to go to the gym with him.
but he is a husband who dont wanna show off his wife.

well. we cant never be like those gym couples then.

wonder if its a good or a bad thing.

i guess ill just workout from home tonite. aja!

Monday, January 9, 2017

i wanna share with you

its frustrating when you love something,
but you have no one to share it with..

exactly what i feel now.
so i share it with you guys who are reading this.

please watch goblin. the korean series.

seriously its a good and interesting story.

and share how you feel with me.