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osaka osaka osaka

oh my god.

i think i have been planning for osaka for two years now.
i cant even think of another place to go if i dont finish osaka soon by this year.

we supposed to go to osaka last year but i was too distracted with other things that lead us to singapore for 3 times. godddddd

this year im gonna make sure we finish. but still....
life is finally untangling but slowly.
maybe i have to postpone osaka for another year.

winter 2018 should be a reality.

makeover living room under RM 100

hi guys.. its April 2018 already?   time flies so fast. im going to be 30 next year.  OMG... Lord have mercy..
so, what have you guys been up to? im just trying to work towards my 2018 goals. so i focus on redecorating my home.
few days ago i decided to give my living room a makeover. but i limit my budget to under RM 100 only. i know, crazy right....
so heres how it look now.

so thats all from me now. actually i already have change the layout of my living room because i cant stay still. LOLS but lets save that for later.
i hope i will post more often here.  hope i have the time to do it too.