Wednesday, July 31, 2013

of isteri pemalas,dilema nama anak dan juga suami tafff!!

husband is at the gym..

harini aku jadi isteri  yang pemalas sikit..tadi da pesan awal suruh suami makan kenyang-kenyang lepas main gym..pastu balik nanti terus bawak balik lauk untuk sahur..

sebab harini aku malas..malas masak, malas kemas rumah...sekarang aku duk depan lappy tengok movie sambil makan megi je..huhuhuhuhu

biasalah kadang-kadang malas..thats human okeyh!!

btw, few days ago aku mencari-cari nama untuk anak..dan baru aku sedar, adalah susah nak cari nama anak sebab pilih nama anak ni akan dipengaruhi oleh kawan-kawan kita..ada nama yang husband suke aku tak suke sebab bile certain nama tu disebut aku terus terbayang muka manusia yang aku kenal..hohohoho..nonononon..

dan adakah suamiku sayang bagi suggestion nama HARIZ???

i was like, Bieee....tu nama my ex-bf..

and he was like, ohhh,ehhh?? okay, takyah-takyah...

there's no way i would name my children the same name as my ex or his.. rolling eyes..

tengoklah betapa selambanya bapak korang ni anak-anak

but, i know i want just one word name.simple.and i come across these three names..

1. sa'ad
2. sa'id
3. Arsalan

okeyh, sounds soooo old school saad and said but tu nama sahabat nabi yang dijanji syurga okeyhhh..

and hubby was like nak MOHD kat depan...and dalam aku da "there goes my one word simple name" tapi mulut cakap "okeyh bie"..hipokrit sangat..hohohohohoho

nama pompuan??? nantilah dulu..nak anak kembar lelaki nak nak nak nak!! hahaha..kau ingat ni oder lauk kat dapur???

left: husband back then, masa dengan ex die dulu2 kottttt..muahahahaha..sooooo not my type kurus2 gini..tapi sebenarnya masa mula2 kenal die, die kurus macamnilah..berat 64kg je..hoh! aku pun boleh lawan berat die dengan sekelip mata jerrrr..

right: husband now..yang ni i LAIKE memang taste akulah biceps besar2,boleh drooling..takpe, sebab dah jadi laki..muhahahah..berat?? 71kg kauuuuu..nampak tak betapa aku masak sangat best??? tibah sangat...hahahahah

Monday, July 29, 2013

sape suruh kawen dengan orang busy?

dah xlama nak raya..huuuuuuu..
turn out that im not really a better person..sobs..

anyway, husband and i are busy as a bee..
been going here and there to work..
and not really have much time to talk to each other.. :(

walaupun hakikatnya kerja sama-sama pergi mana-mana pun sama-sama.
tetapi masa untuk just sit down to talk to each other without interruption from wassap,msg,fb and bla3 adalah tidak ada.

kadang-kadang i just wish to take his cell and throw it away so he would look at me..
that bad huh? sobsssss

i really think we need to take a break and go to perhentian..
i love perhentian..maybe i should arrange a suprise trip for us..
i think hubby would love that too..

last nite we talked about our aims and dreams otw back from work.
atleast we got something to look forward to
and yes, nampak gayanya honeymoon kena postpone lagi..

kawen lagi dengan orang busy.. T_T
but its okay..
atleast i got everyday with him... :')

with love,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

nanti kita usaha ekkk..

ye, im not pregnant yet..

my hubby was like "kecewa" on his fb status... hik3 :P

next year..1st jan 2014 kita usaha sekuatnya, insya Allah..

kah3...aku da mula da...bye!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby issue

i got some sugar last nite..
i guess now im thinking straight..

i will be going to KL again today..
days are getting busier..
being a housewife is a lot of work..phew..

and guess what???
last nite mak saya mimpi saya beranak..

what a coincidence..
hubby asyik pegang my tummy and say baby..
and i keep telling him that i will have my period..

kalau betulla pregnant nih...kena pegi book hospital nie...

btw, hubby is sleeping like a baby now..
i know he worries about me constantly crying and wondering
he asked me to speak and asks what i was thinking..

well, i am an emotional person..must be hard for him to understand me..

dont get me wrong..of course i want babies.. twins perhaps. but i wanna spend some time with my husband first. do bungee jumping, water rafting,roller coastering and all that stuffs before i become a mommy..

but Allah knows best..and im a Believer of Allah :')

Thursday, July 25, 2013

chat history

tiap tiap kali aku baca history chat yang lama..(too many to delete)

tiap kali tu jugak aku nanges..

Ya Allah...... :'(

takdir bawa aku sampai kesini harini..dan hanya untuk suami akulah jiwa dan raga aku pada hari ini..

ya Allah...

ya Allah..

it still hurts. im still hurt by what happened to me. i cant cry when it happened a year ago. now i guess the reality hits me. and it hits me hard..


harini sahur rasa xlalu sangat..
nasik makan 3 4 suap je..
rasa mual..

husband sounds excited already..
plus im already late for my monthly period.

but, guess what?
i know im not..



xkan lupa sampai bile-bile..
penyebab segalanya..

wolverine..konon.. lah sangat.. :'(

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

my diy pelamin sanding

my totally 100% diy pelamin sanding..
from the curtain sampailah ke hantaran sebelah kiri tu..
i did all by myself with some help from the family of course.

and it worth every penny! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

the hardest battle to win

salam to all..

husband went to the gym and im waiting at home for him to come back. kerang rebus dan murtabak dah bersedia menyambut kepulangan suami..heheheh

harini berbuka puasa di rumah sangat sebab boleh makan mak masak ikan siakap stim dan ikan siakap sweet sour.

a few days ago, i went to kl as i always does with my husband. the main reason was to buy barang2 untuk kedai die and saya selalu sangat ambik peluang ini untuk shopping..hehehe

tapi last week, i was on a hunt for a good tudung or two.. to make the story short, that was the first time i bought a size L tudung.. alhamdulillah. a bit of me kinda want it to be that way. after all, perhiasan ni hanyalah untuk suami.. it feels so right to do all these right things.

aku sebenarnya dalam keadaan mencari. mencari jalan yang lurus untuk aku ikut. mencuba untuk kekal dalam jalan yang lurus. masya Allah, susah... susah sebab dalam hati aku ni masih sukakan keduniaan. kadang2 tengok orang pakai tudung main style sibar-sibar je mulalah hati aku ni rasa nak ikut.

bila aku bagitahu suami aku, " bie, yang pakai tudung style sibar je bole?"

suami aku dengan tegas jawab. "yang nak tunjuk apa? pada siapa?"

aku terus terdiam..masya Allah.. masih ada lagi keinginan yang macam tu dalam diri aku. sbab tu aku rasa bersyukur sebab bila aku nak terpesong ada orang tegur. aku tak cakap yang orang pakai tudung sibar2 tu tak baik. bukan maksud aku macam tu.

apa yang aku nak bagitahu sekarang ni adalah kita semua ada perjuangan dalam diri kita sendiri. sebuah peperangan dengan diri kita sendiri. and the hardest battle to win is a battle within ourselves..

camera 360. tu yang flawless semacam je..apa-apa pun, kahwinlah atas dasar agama. bukan semata-mata dasar cinta. cinta selepas kahwin ni cinta dengan limpahan mawaddah dan rahmah dari Allah.. semoga kita semua makin dekat kepada Allah..

Allah berfirman dalam hadis Qudsi

“Jika ia mendekatkan diri kepada-Ku sejengkal, maka Aku mendekatkan diri kepadanya sehasta, dan jika ia mendekatkan diri kepada-Ku sehasta, Aku mendekatkan diri kepadanya sedepa, jika ia mendatangi-Ku dalam keadaan berjalan, maka Aku mendatanginya dalam keadaan berlari.” (Shahih Bukhari no. 6856)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

what are different now?

salam semua..hows everyone been doing? i hope all is well taking into account that now is Ramadhan..

i have just open my old account for this blog and i just saw few of the comments regarding my wedding and i would like to thank you all for the best wishes :)

its kinda sudden, i know.. but i guess being a Kelantanese girl, i always wanted to marry at early age. and above all, its all written above. so, alhamdulillah..

there are quite a few things that i discover after marriage that i never think of..
one of them is LUST.

you know, the one you have for your partner when you were gf/bf.. yes, that one.
suprisingly after marriage, its not like that.. you'll know more after your marriage..

but its not all like i wanna kiss you all the time.. i talked to my husband about this and he totally agree with me. i know, its unbelievable.. and now i come, no WE come to a conclusion that all that ustaz has been saying about lust that is provoked by syaitan was TRUE. it was all the devil that drives us to want to do stuff we should not do..

after all, always remember that "benda haram tulah yang sedap" and we as a good muslim must MUST avoid that..

and yes, you will fight with your husband/wife..(rolling eyes) but you will come to know that all the disagreements have nothing to do with your love. its just a few differences on how you and your partner thinks. after all, you are raised differently than your partner were..

i guess thats all for now..

its frustrating that i do not get my pics yet!

ok, bye..