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SEcond anny is approaching

Finally bought the ticket to The founder 2.0But only for me because husband seems so reluctant to leave alika for 2 days since we can't take her along obviously. A one day event. My hopes are big that this talk can help me change a few things in our business. How to handle business better.And I just bought the ticket but I know one day I'm gonna be the one giving out talk. I will make sure of that.Our plans approaching the second anniversary of seyf amalin is that I wanna end our second year with a few achievements even in this slow market.1. Tujuh cawangan. (Done)
2. One shoplot/office/wholesale.  (In progress)
3. Plastic bags. (50% done)
4. Our own label. ( done and running)

Its important for babies development

I just spend 275 on baby toys.
Please don't let hubby know.Cries at the corner.

What i want next?

Lepas ni. After ekonomi okay sikit.
And sale back to normall.Nak cari satu shop lot sebagai kedai dan office.
Nak setup working station for my husband. Me and my personal assistant.Kedai di bahagian depan/ kalau dua tingkat. Kedai bahagian bawah. Office bahagian atas.Tapi before that.
Another shop kat g orange mall.
Soonn. Hopefully


Baby girl's colour palette.Pink everywhere..

Cincin lelaki

I always give extra attention to my husband.
Especially kalau die tgk barang apa2 dalam kedai.
Sebab die jenis Yang Susah nak berkenan apa2.I have been meaning nak.belikan cincin baru for him.
Sebab cincin tunang/kawin kami harga rm500++ je.BANyak kali pergi kedai emas die takde yg berkenan pun.BAru2 ni masuk habib jewels. Ade satu cincin memang die berkenan.Bile tanya harga rm7k.I was like. Put. It. Back. Husband!!!hahahaha