Friday, September 23, 2016


If you have a wife. Janganlah suka2 pm perempuan lain tanpa hal mustahak. Atas alasan nak borak.. Rasa mcm ermmm sangat.

Especially if perempuan tu isteri orang.
Im all okay to have guy friends.
My husband pun ok. Tapi sekadar friend yang say hi now n then. Comments on fb pictures.

Bukanlah kawan yg sembang tru pm/wasap.

I prefer kalau u guys komen kt pic fb. I can reply and my husband pun boleh baca komen tu.

I just taknak sakitkan hati my husband. So sesiapa yg pm my fb especially guys mmg i takkan jawab.
My husband would not like it and i dont want to make him sad.

Im a wife first.
Sebab for time being he is my heaven.

Sebab i taknak husband i pun buat mcm tu. So it must start with me. Kalau i terjumpa chat my husband dgn perempuan lain. I tak cakap banyak.

Kemas bag tempah tiket flight ke dubai. Bye2 terus.
Kita kalau setia bagai nak rak tapi orang tak hargai memang kita xbagi muka.

Bini awak macamana?? Kalau dia tau awak mesej saya??

Friday, September 16, 2016

Justication yang berat sebelah

When I'm frustrated with my husband.  I tend to write.
But not here.  I vent out at twitter.  But sorry. My twitter is private except for only 5followers i think. 😝😝😝

So tonight i just want to reflect on whats good in our relationship.

1. Freedom

He gives me freedom. I give him freedom even sometimes it comes with nag.
- he let me fly alone with alika so i can travel and have fun with my friends.
-he let me go abroad with my friend. With or without alika.

My whole life. I never would have thought that I will marry such a great guy.

2. Limit

He states clearly my limits. I know I can't be having a personal chat routine with guys.
-he don't mind me having guy friends and commenting on Facebook.  As long as he can read it anytime he wants
-no guy should involve in my everyday routine except him.  Lols.  So sweet.

But he always by my side since we are working together 24/7. I don't need any other than him 😘😘😘

He knows im a very hard headed person. I get angry easily. But he dont get offended easily.

When im mad. He will just be quite and act like nothing happened. In 2 mins. I will be okay. And we become normal again. I dont need any pujuk moments.😁👏👏

He acts crazy with me and dont mind me being crazy around him. And thats what i love the most about my husband. I dont think i can find someone like that easily.

He lets me do what ever i want.

Wanna a holiday? Just book the flight tix darling.
Wanna have a day at home? He will go out and buy food for both of us.
Too lazy to wake up when baby cries? He will get up and prepare milk for baby and put her to sleep again.

There are so many things that he does that i dont think any other man willing to do.

Despite all he have his flaws too. Which i elaborate with frustration at twitter. Hahahahaha.

Im writing this for myself. So i can always remember the good in him. And wonder if i am good enough for him.