Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bende biasa..

Malam ni mekap diri sendiri..

And i uploaded this.. just for fun.

Hahaha.. overexposure much?? Suree...

Of course im not that fair.. and it makes me looks like a fool..

This is the real deal..

Dont be too hard on yourselves.
You dont need to be perfect all the time.
Take a chill pill.
Laugh at yourselves.

Its good to make someone else happy.
But its always the best to make you a happy person.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tiring days

I have so much to do today
Thinking about the work to be done making me tired already.

So i decided to put evrything on hold
And have a one day rest today.

Tomorrow i will be busy like a bee.
I hatr being busy now
Coz im tired

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lelaki dan monopod. Mulut kata benci. Hati kata nak sangatt..

Yesterday i gave a monopod to husband
Coz i know he loooveees this kinda thing.

And siap plan nk balut dlm wrapping paper tulis i love u sume.
Lastnye bagi gedabak dengan kotak oren tu..

Tapi sampai sekarang xde pon lagi update gambar guna monopod.
Malu lettew.
Malu tapi mahu..

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What i do

I take pride in everything i do
Even for certain people its not a big deal
For me its about motivating myself
Realizing my dreams becoming easier when i talk about it..

Nak cakap saya syok sendiri..boleh..
Nak cakap saya perasan.. boleh..

Atleast im doing something that i love.

Takde kejinya in what im doing..

So im not working for a monthly salary. Big deal?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Banyak yang dikenang
Semakin banyak airmata mengalir
Atau kadang2 hati yang menangis
Muka masih cuba tersenyum depan husband.

Sebak. Sedih.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My savior


Yang bile tengok kite diserang. Die terus bingkas bangun pertahankan kite.

Yang bile tengok ade orang lukakan kita. Muka die terus berubah sebab marah.

Yang protect kite dari segala ancaman luar dan dalam.

Yang always lebihkan kite over perempuan lain.

Depan atau belakang kite..

Lelaki tu..masya allah..a perfect guy.
A wonderful guy.
A very handsome guy.

Saya penah nampak my husband tampar seorang budak lelaki.
Because that guy stole my phone.

Hati berdegup kencang..
Terus jatuh cinta berkali kali.

Terima kasih wahai suami.
Menjadi pelindungku sentiasa..

My little wishing star

I wish you can read my mind
So you would know
So you will understand
So you will see
So you will feel

How my heart aches
How i wish you would magically know how i feel.

But i cant do that
Neither do you


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pelamin tunang murah

From Seyf Amalin Bridal
Untuk orang kelantan da besut
Pakej 2014

Caj pengangkutan seperti berikut
Sekitar kota bharu: rm50
Pasir mas/machang/tanah merah: rm80
Besut: rm100

Saturday, April 19, 2014


My husband calls me "my love"

I should start calling him "my heaven"

Coz he save me fron this world.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Watcha say

This crazy life of mine..

Watcha say?

This lump in my frozen heart..

Watcha say?

These feeling which i feel or do not feel..

Watcha say?

You meant well.. yet it lead me here.

Where do i look now?

Where do i go from here?

I broke so many hearts..
But believe it or not mine was the most crushed and burned
I build it back up from scratches.
Shaped into what it is today
Full of scars
Full of ashes

I still cry. I only learnt to cry after i got married.
Atleast my husband gave a pulse to my heart.

No one knew what was happening with me years ago
No one cared what was missing from me
It was my heart.

So.watcha say now?