We made it to our second seyf amalin anniversary.

Lama giler tak update whats happening sbb setiap hari bangun i have list of tasks to be done and a child and a husband to attend.

Alhamdulillah. We end our second year with a few of our dreams become reality. And its finally time for more dreams

Tahun ketiga ni. What i hope to do:

1. Design a half instant shawl. Something yang im going to wear and be proud of. (Idea dah ada cuma nak laksanakan. Nama pun dah ada tau.)

2. Start marketing on that idea and kembangkan. I nak guna konsep bokitta. Buat satu design and patentkan kemudian kembangkan dari situ.

3. I need my own office this year.

4. We need to venture out from kelantan soon. maybe terengganu. Maybe KL. i dont know. We just need to get out from our comfort zone.

5. I wanna have atleast 50 staffs with me at our third annyversary. Now i only have plus minus 14. Too much? "If youre dreams doesnt sound crazy. Find a new one. "

i hope i will learn many things from the founder. I really wanna learn how to make sales online. I hope my Farfalla will be a hit.

Jumaat ni nak hantar Alika rumah nenek dia. And maybe jumaat ni i should finish my prototype.

nak belanja husband tikets to hongkong. Duit hasil jualan online dah cecah 1.1k

Xcukup 100 je lagi. Tapi now im not sure i nak pegi hongkong ke tak. Taktaulahh nak pegi mana sbb nak ke mana2 pun kena fikir how to move alika around. Fuhhh

My baby alika is having a fever.

And owh. Kami dah siapkan our own plastik bagssss...yeayness!!


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