Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Watcha say

This crazy life of mine..

Watcha say?

This lump in my frozen heart..

Watcha say?

These feeling which i feel or do not feel..

Watcha say?

You meant well.. yet it lead me here.

Where do i look now?

Where do i go from here?

I broke so many hearts..
But believe it or not mine was the most crushed and burned
I build it back up from scratches.
Shaped into what it is today
Full of scars
Full of ashes

I still cry. I only learnt to cry after i got married.
Atleast my husband gave a pulse to my heart.

No one knew what was happening with me years ago
No one cared what was missing from me
It was my heart.

So.watcha say now?

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