Im a sinner

I cannot picture myself at the age more than 28.
Im worried that maybe im the chosen one that will die young
What if i die without doing enough good on earth?
What if i die a sinner??

I cannot picture myself old.
I cannot pic myself with kids and grandkids.
In scared. I dont wanna tell people what i feel.
Then i think about what will happen if im just gone.
I need to tell sumthing to my husband
I need to tell him what i think.

Last nite i finally told him
And he got asthma attack..

Masha Allah...
Im scared..
What if i die a sinner??? Nauzubillah..

What if i die tomorrow??
Then whatever i do today ia not gonna matter anymore
Whatever my hope for tomorrow is not going to matter anymore..

Just dont let me die a sinner ya Allah..


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