I have been married for more than 2 years.
Another 3 weeks plus minus for our first baby.

Nothing is definite in our life.
Im happy with hubs now.
I cant say the same for the next year.
Or maybe the next day.

But im doing my best today.
The day I married my husband.
I don't feel the same way I do today.

Love is not like money.
U don't have to devide it.

It can increase or decrease.
I don't know if my husband loves me more or less.

But I do love him more.
Because now he is most responsible man I ever know.
And I hope he will always be.

I hope for nothing more than for him to be great. Live a happy life. Have a loving wife. Achieve everything he wants.
and achieve jannah.

Even im not his wife anymore. Or im not with him anymore.


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