I only have a lot to say when i have problems.

Now i definately run out of ideas.

Just a few updates.

1. Alika just turn 7months and she have 4teeths already. So fast. She also is learning how to stand up on her own. Makes me have heart attack every time she let go of her hands.

Please follow my instagram for her pic.
Ig: seyfamalina

My ig is not private for many reasons.

2. Will be opening a new shop. Maybe mid april or early may. Will post more on that when i have the time.

3. Is planning a trip outside malaysia this october. First time bringing alika abroad. Wonder how her first pasport will look like. 😄

4. devided the shops into two devision. Hijaab n clothes. I handle hijaab. Husband handle clothes. My own style and his own style.

5. Is planning for raya already.
Is planning for another holiday destination.

I think thats all. Hope to have more time to write and share soon. 😊😊😊


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