pelamin akad nikah/tunang simple


as before, husband is sleeping..kih3 :P

malam ni just nak update pasal pelamin akad nikah..

pelamin ni sngat simple sebab since i turned 23 i magically turn into someone who loves everything simple.

i DIY this pelamin and now saya nk buat pelamin ni for those yang berminat..

lebih kurang how it looks like..belakang tu ade backdrop cream with pink+purple flower

for those yang berminat boleh msg saya di 014-3383786
price starts from rm200 for exactly same design and around kota bharu..

tempat lain or bunga warna lain?? PM me for the best price..
saya buat sebab its my passion and i can help you guys to save some money instead of rm800 plus2 untuk pelamin tunang..


jgn promote pelamin je. promote org sblh tu skali. hahaha

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