Girly girl

We are not after your money

We just wanna feel special..

I think every girl chose their husband because the guy makes her feels some ways..

I like a romantic guy..and i guess he was kinda romantic..

But the bottom line is u can win a girl's heart simply when you make her feels special.

And that means something like..u dont flirt with other girls.appear randomly in front of her.hand her an umbrella on rainy her favourite foods.come all the way to pick her up. Those tiny little gesture when u listen to her problems..and call her juat because you miss her.

I am in fact reminiscing my single days..hehehe

But romance after marriage is different. I miss my husband when he goes out for his gym session. In that short amount of time..hearing the ringing door bell i would be running my heart out just to hug him. Kekekekeke.. that kinda girl.. bubbye..


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