Okay. Everybody will boast about how good their spouse are. Or maybe not.

But im soo lucky.
my husband is the most kind hearted guy.
i never saw him crying.
atleast in these 2 years i know him.
wonder if its a good thing.herm.

But i did something awfull.
He knows about it.
and he just stays quite.
deep down i know something is not right.
he knew what i did.

Then i know he is the most forgiving guy i ever know.
and that exact trait was the one that makes me cry when i first know him.

He is perfect for me. A person who makes mistakes all the time.

I screw up most of the time.
and he will be the one saying its okay.
and i can sense that he said it without grudge.

He is sooo forgiving.
i love him.


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