planning is tiring

Of course i should be planning for our krabi trip.
and of course i dont do that.

Currently tengah buat research for what to wear in korea.

Since we'll be going during korean winter. Which was known from its deadly cold.

And my husband akan kena asthma attack bile too cold. I just knew about thermal wear. Hettech uniqlo wear. Wearing like onions. Bla3.

Will be orderkng our winter coat from china. And will be buying all other things when we arrived there. Kirenya bile sampai beli a coat each. Then head yo hotel. Malam tu pergi shopping kat dongdaemun market. Huahuahua.

Just prepare the money.

And will be getting itenary from tajol budak gamelan. Since die da pernah pergi time winter.

Nak kena sediakan jadual for nine days.
plannye nak pusing seoul je.
Tapi maybe make time for busan and jeju island.
alang2 da sampai.. nak tengok semuaaaaa..waaaa

And the most special thing is that. It will be our first sniw together..loveeeeee


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