Better but flawed

I have been fighting a lot with my husband.
More like internal fight.
Or a one sided fight.
Because he doesnt know im mad at him.😭😭😭

But basically we run a normal life.
Still joking around.
When we are in a fight with our spouse,  we always just see the bad side of them.

Today I just can't help but see his good side.

We went out to an indoor play area for child.
There was a big slide there.
And me being me just cant stand still looking at all the fun there.

I basically went mental and became one of the children there.

To my suprise. My husband did not stop me. He just laughs away when he saw me sliding down that giant slide. Or when i was jumping crazily.

Whatever i did. He just smiled at me. 😢😢😢

And i cant thanked him enough for accepting me as i am. I may be flaws and all. But he accept me and that is the most important thing.

And all our petty fights and little issues did not matter anymore. Its just a thankfull feeling to have found my better half who is proud of me.

Thank you husband.
I promise you. I will try to be a better wife in the future. Insya allah.


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