We dont know

Its 3.23 am in the morning and I just want to write.

For all my fans out there. 😂😂😂

My daughter is sleeping not so soundly.
She is having a cough
And she becomes too attached lately.
The best thing being a mommy is that she always choose mommy. Wonder if its a good thing 😁😁😁

Her first birthday is just around the corner
26th august and my husband's on 28th august.

One year has passed since i was 10cm dilated and feeling like dying. Not sure if i wanna go tru that again 😨😨😨

But Allah knows best. I want more child to send dua' for me when im gone. And to accompany me when im old.
I mean i want sons to travel with.

I have foresee my coming years..hahahaha

My husband would be busy so i would just fly to anywhere with my children. I wonder why i kept pushing my husband out of my future days. 😕😕😕

I dont know. I used to see myself being together forever.
But i guess we dont always know what we want.
Or what we dont want. What we need or what we dont need.


Almost september.
Then we gonna start our vacation this year. Yahooo..

If its up to me. I would be buying flight tix like crazy but i cant book anything more than 6/7months because i might be pregnant and i dont wanna be going here n there when im 8months preggy would i???

Till next time peeps. 😘


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