proving myself (not as easy as i thought)

i guess i was destined to be surrounded with guys.

first, studying in utp. the ratio was like 3 guys and a girl. that basically shape me up to what i am today. i have to be firm and strong while working with the guys. and i have to pretend to be weak and talk nicely when i wanted to ask for help. because thats just easier than saying, "can you help me with this."

now, the place where im working.. there are 12 people in a shop. and only 3 girls including me. the surrounding basically the same with utp. the difference is that im the one who people treat like i know nothing. its kinda bothering me somehow. sometimes i just feel like shouting.

just to say " come on people, i can do things even im a woman.even i do look like i know nothing"

and being a girl, one thing that cannot be escaped from is that being pick on.. the guys, they mock me, the tease me, they challange me in the most twisted way i can think of, and for heaven's sake, i have never been in that situation before.

today, i just went in front of that guy and said. "please, i have never been treated this way. im not used to guys picking on me. so, please stop"

and now i feel i have do myself a little justice. im not blaming him for what he did. its his way of doing things and getting things done. but, i need to be in my comfort zone. i need to be happy going to work. i need to be excited to work. i need to be amalina. where people/guys do not treat me like any other girl.

i wanted to prove myself. i wanted to be an example. someone who people wanted to be like. and insya Allah, i'll be there..


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