Baby issue

i got some sugar last nite..
i guess now im thinking straight..

i will be going to KL again today..
days are getting busier..
being a housewife is a lot of work..phew..

and guess what???
last nite mak saya mimpi saya beranak..

what a coincidence..
hubby asyik pegang my tummy and say baby..
and i keep telling him that i will have my period..

kalau betulla pregnant nih...kena pegi book hospital nie...

btw, hubby is sleeping like a baby now..
i know he worries about me constantly crying and wondering
he asked me to speak and asks what i was thinking..

well, i am an emotional person..must be hard for him to understand me..

dont get me wrong..of course i want babies.. twins perhaps. but i wanna spend some time with my husband first. do bungee jumping, water rafting,roller coastering and all that stuffs before i become a mommy..

but Allah knows best..and im a Believer of Allah :')


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