what are different now?

salam semua..hows everyone been doing? i hope all is well taking into account that now is Ramadhan..

i have just open my old account for this blog and i just saw few of the comments regarding my wedding and i would like to thank you all for the best wishes :)

its kinda sudden, i know.. but i guess being a Kelantanese girl, i always wanted to marry at early age. and above all, its all written above. so, alhamdulillah..

there are quite a few things that i discover after marriage that i never think of..
one of them is LUST.

you know, the one you have for your partner when you were gf/bf.. yes, that one.
suprisingly after marriage, its not like that.. you'll know more after your marriage..

but its not all like i wanna kiss you all the time.. i talked to my husband about this and he totally agree with me. i know, its unbelievable.. and now i come, no WE come to a conclusion that all that ustaz has been saying about lust that is provoked by syaitan was TRUE. it was all the devil that drives us to want to do stuff we should not do..

after all, always remember that "benda haram tulah yang sedap" and we as a good muslim must MUST avoid that..

and yes, you will fight with your husband/wife..(rolling eyes) but you will come to know that all the disagreements have nothing to do with your love. its just a few differences on how you and your partner thinks. after all, you are raised differently than your partner were..

i guess thats all for now..

its frustrating that i do not get my pics yet!

ok, bye..


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