sape suruh kawen dengan orang busy?

dah xlama nak raya..huuuuuuu..
turn out that im not really a better person..sobs..

anyway, husband and i are busy as a bee..
been going here and there to work..
and not really have much time to talk to each other.. :(

walaupun hakikatnya kerja sama-sama pergi mana-mana pun sama-sama.
tetapi masa untuk just sit down to talk to each other without interruption from wassap,msg,fb and bla3 adalah tidak ada.

kadang-kadang i just wish to take his cell and throw it away so he would look at me..
that bad huh? sobsssss

i really think we need to take a break and go to perhentian..
i love perhentian..maybe i should arrange a suprise trip for us..
i think hubby would love that too..

last nite we talked about our aims and dreams otw back from work.
atleast we got something to look forward to
and yes, nampak gayanya honeymoon kena postpone lagi..

kawen lagi dengan orang busy.. T_T
but its okay..
atleast i got everyday with him... :')

with love,


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