Few updates

Im here again..
I only write when im bored.
And im only bored when husband is not around.
my husband is a fishing addict.
he will be on fishing trips every night if i let him.
So what am i going to share tonite?
Pembahagian modal dan akaun bisnes? boringggg.. 
Just a quick update ya.
1. My lovely daughter is exactly 9months old today. 26/5/2016

She looks more like her daddy. I dont mind. My son will look like me. 😅😅😅

2. I'm on my way to launch my own line of semi instant shawl called Farfalla by Seyf Amalin. Its 40% ready. Im having a few bump along the way. But this time i wont give up! 💪💪💪

In process. You girls love this? I sure do  😘

3. I have lost about 3kg since i have started diet. Im aiming to loose another 3kg. I will tell you more about my journey from 66-60. Ifffff i ever make it to 60kg

Well.baaically thats all whats happening around me now. Will catch up later.


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