my fiance is on his way to KL..
and im right here in kelantan. (oh, why do i have to work? T_T)

he's leaving to prepare some things for his shop.
and im patiently waiting for him to come back.

i only have about 44days to work.
then im gonna take 1 month time off to spend with my girlfriends (read bachelorette party, hooyeh!)
and im gonna be a ultimate dream finally will be coming true.

okay, maybe not a housewife...maybe personal assistant for my hubby..
well, that just sounds soooo right..
atleast until im pregnant..woooo,wooo..lets just stop there.. ^_^

this job im currently working, speaking the truth, is for my marriage.
i dont want to burden my parents with all the expenses.
thats why im telling myself to be patient.

i cant wait to wake up every morning, perform subuh with my imam.
then prepare his breakfast.
then accompany him doing his works.
going to gym with him.
spending holidays with him.

and yeah, hes going to gym now.. and im sooo excited. i love biceps.. drooling =p

anddddd, im still fat.. but my fiancee doesnt care. so, im a perfectly happy person.. big smile

till next time.. now, i miss my fiance... :'(


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