the truth

the truth about my relationship:

i was ready to be married when all the guys around me are not.
yes, All of them are not ready to be married. economically or mentally..

then was the time i met my fiance
he barely knew me. so do i.
we only spoke for a few times before he asked my hand for marriage.
and those time we spoken, we have quite a lot of misunderstanding.

the only same thing about us was that he was ready to be married.
and so do i.

now, here we are..
counting days to be a husband and wife.
may god give me the chance to love him with all my love, tru all my life.

he told me. " belum tentu orang yang kita kahwini itu adalah jodoh kita. mungkin dia cuma seorang penjaga yang Allah hantar sebelum kita jumpa jodoh kita"

i asked him back. "jadi even after kita kahwin, belum tentu lagi ajay jodoh amal?"

and he answered yes...


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