so called friends

too many things that i wanted to say right now..
from where i am today, sometimes i will recall my memories from utp. remembering my friends and my so called "friends"

frankly, im happy to see those i used to be close to are being successfull. they are becoming great people and i cant be happier. and i wish all the best to them.

people that we met in our lives teach us something if not big things.

i maybe did not learnt anything from them but they do teach me one thing. they teach me that every single thing is not like what they seem to be.

i learnt that guys, if not much, will lie to their gf. ( im not saying that girls do not lie to their bf)
and there are people who potrey themselves as a perfect man on the net, yet really miserable in real lives.

i just wish that they will be happy in their lives and they will forgive me for what i have done to them
if i was being evil, heartless or even mean to them. i was so young and stupid and i regret all the bad things that happened.

i hope they will forgive me. i hope they will pray for my happiness. im happy and contented the way i am today. and i wish the same for all my so called "friends".. you know who you are.

and, i love my fiance, whole heartedly. no doubt. salam...


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