soon-to-be our home


macam-macam benda jadi harini..

harini tunang saya bawa saya pergi tengok rumah yang bakal kami diami bersama selepas berkahwin.

he showed me our room, heeeeeeee.. :p

then the toilet we going to share..

and the kitchen im going to be in..

ruang tamu, kawasan rumah, the rabbits, the pond in front of the house( ada katak, takut okeh!)

frankly, rasa macam tak percaya, that im going to live in that house this 9 june..

what i felt was just...rasa macam pergi jalan-jalan rumah boy friend.

still rasa macam tak boleh absorb the fact that im going to be a wife soon..

excited sangat okeh.. i really feel like all my wishes have come true.

going to be a house wife.
going to be next to my husband 24-7
going to live my life free from working pressure.
i hope i will be a very supportive wife
i hope i will be a good wife.

im going to marry a 29 years old man
who is a very responsible, my saviour, my problem solver
and the best man i have ever known.

alhamdulillah for all this gifts...


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