staff issues

Lately.. i face too many staff issues.
maybe sebab i dont conduct interview first kan.
but whatever it is pon.
i always pikir yang allah nak bagi sumthing bigger for me and husband.

After this i plan to conduct interview. Yelah.. always have pon tapi since morning sickness ni i just cut off any works that i can.

Hopefully our permohonan untuk kedai baju di kbmall n kedai tudung di tesco diluluskan. Ready to be open this march.
im ready for our 4th and 5th shop and go on until 10 shops before i pop.

Ikut plannye. I want another 2 shops di kbmall.
another 2 di tesco.
and another one at airport.
after that  focus for raya.
untung raya ni guna untuk bukak butik kat luar.
and beli mesin and start focusing on our brand.

Yelah. Org lain bina brand dulu.
me and husband. We acquire money dulu.
biasalah. modal kecik.
kena tahu gandakan dulu.

I also plan nak naikkan lagi gaji my staff yg da lama bekerja. Tapi still in planning la. I have a staff that already work for more than a year. I hope i can find more like her.


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