New stock for seyf amalin glitter. Second batch is coming in tomorrow.

Along with seyf amalin instant button plain and corak 20 kodi.

And husband needa to wake up at 4 untuk ambik barang di stesen bas. Poor husband.

Usually bile i oder barang. They will arrived in 4 bags.

This time 8 bags. Eight guys. Eight. Entah macamana husband nak handle. Angkat berat2 di bulan puasa. I wish i can help.

Now we are ordering for 4 shops and getting ready for one vendor in kl.

In july. We gonna start fotoshoot sebab before raya we might be participating in a few festivals. One is confirm. Maybe another one or two.

Nak ambik kesempatan ini to promote our products and also tambah sale for raya.

Btw. Label dah tempah. Hope it finish ASAP

We nees to start producing for raya if we gonna be able to meet the demands. Gahhhh...!!!


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