34weeks during eidulfitri 2015

I'm 34weeks now but my bump looks like I'm about to pop soon.

Every makcik I met during raya told me my baby is biggg.

But my baby is just 2kg. I just had my scan at annisa.
Whatever it is. I am currently going everywhere with this big belly and I'm bound to be easily tired.

I can hardly fit in any blouse anymore.
Thank God I managed to find 3 baju raya that fits me well.
My mom told me she popped at 36weeks.

That means I have about 2 weeks more.
I'm scared to death.

Its a long 34weeks journey and I don't think I wanna do this anytime soon. Maybe another 4/5 years later. But my husband going to be 35/36 then.. hehehe.

Okay. We will get to that later. Lets just finish this one first.
I really can't wait to announce the name.

Akhir kata. salam lebaran aidilfitri 2015 from me. Husband and our plus one. Hopefully we'll  be three this eiduladha...



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