shopping frenzy

Im in this crazy period of shopping.

And i had my period.. so sad.. good bye baby..

Everytime i sulk with my husband. I'll grab my handbag and go shopping.

Its convenience since im already at kbmall everytime.

Now i just paid for two bokittas. Its a good thing eid adha is just around the corner. I got myself a good reason.

And many other things that i paid for. Including the wedding dress. And tbe wedding shoes. And many wedding stuffs. I think im going crazy. I think my husband thinks im going crazy.

Our supposedly car expected to arrive this months end is not going to arrive this month.we have to wait a little longer.

I insist on the colour we have chosen and wont settle for anything other than that even if we have to wait for another month.

And of course problems with my pushcarts. Husband keeps saying its okay. And i keep telling myself itd gonna be okay.

We have Allah.. :)


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