Friday, September 19, 2014

jaga tiang

Just finished my second meeting in this month dengan pekerja2.


 Becos sale kedai menurun. Belum sampai tahap rugi tapi i can sense sumthing is wrong. One rotten fruit can infect the whole bucket.

And i just realise that rotten fruit tak solat. Past months all my staff pray diligently.

So i held a meeting a throw a sentence that i hope all of them understand. Sesapa yang tak solat will be fired immediately lepas ni.

Becos to me Allah is the most important. I dont care about other people. I dont care about my shop. Sape tak jaga Allah. Saya akan pecat. Sbb solat itu tiang. Kalau tak jaga tiang macam2 benda lain akan terjadi.

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