Monday, April 6, 2015


Tetibe dalam otak aku ni byk sangat nak pikir.

1. Nak kemas rumah supaya fit for the baby.

2. Apparently decided to speed up a few things berkenaan kedai dengan husband over the lunch. The plan was to open a butik after raya. Then i said. What if sumthing happens after raya? With baby coming this august. Why dobt we just push now and have a butik in operation as soon as possible.

Having a new butik means i need to:
1. Find a spot
2. Buy mesin jahit tepi.
3. Hire pekerja yg pandai menjahit.
4. Setup office at butik
5. Make sure my products coming in quickly. Now sedang tunggu woven label siap.

Bila product siap i need to market them a.s.a.p

And me being a marketing noob is lost now.

1. Kena set up email.fb.twitter and ig seyf amalin
2. Find model untuk photoshoot.
3. Cataloque all the colours and design.
4. How to introduce the product. Gain followers n all.

I really suck at this sosial media thing. And its frightening rite now. Modal sekarang ada around 8k for seyf amalin hijaab.

And i need to think of how to use that and still have revenue to survive in this cold period of gst bla3. Should be good if everything can settle before raya.

Our initial plan was to invest bukak another kedai di parkson and that would cost rm4k untuk brg2 and around rm1.7k untuk sewa and pekerja for the last 15days of april.

Then i think baik invest for our own shop/office/production house. Ade production house means i can start my label now. And we all know the power of brand. And kedai pun bole guna for sale and borong.

Takut sebab nak buat benda yg xbiasa buat. But i need to do it now. Tangguh2 bila nak siap? Bila nak berjalan?

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