Sunday, April 12, 2015

A girl like me only needs a man like you

Dear my devoted husband.

I want u to know that Yang tak kesah pon kalau kita duduk rumah sewa.

I know that the time will come when we will have our own heaven on earth.

I know we have a plan and we stick to it.

Or we can just live happily like this forever.

Sayang tahu yang my husband is a man of responsibility. And to tell you the truth i want nothing more than you next to me facing day by day towards our dream.

I feel so blessed to finally find you..

For being so energetic and passionate all the time.

And for being so teruja about the mesin jahit tepi sampai berebut dengan sayang... so rare bie.. i dont think i ever met a man with that passion towards sewing machine like you do.

And for talking to me this morning like you do.
You knew that i dont have a backup plan.
I dont have a safety blanket.
If things will not work out between us one day.
Then i will figure out what to do when that day comes.

As for now. I have nothing except you.
But my heaven is with you.
And that is enough for a girl like me.
Who wants nothing more than a heart that understands
And a soul that keep uplifting
And a smile that keeps coming
And a spirit that never be broken like yours.

And yeah. For cooking tonite.
It was superb..
We should do this more often.hehe

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