Hardworking man

Its 5.14 am now.
Husband just got out to fetch the tudungs that are arriving today.

Everytime he wakes up like this i feel so lucky and blessed.

To have find a great and hardworking man.
As a companion even when i am lacking in many parta of being his wife.

O Allah... what have i done?
To deserve a wonderful husband like him?
I know that my husbabd is just a pinjaman.
Thank you Allah. For lending me a wondeful person to take care of me.
To be the father of my children.
And to be loved by me.
And to love me.

I may have married him becos he was the only person who agrees to marry me back then.

But i believe that if you leave something because of your deen. Then Allah will give the best to you.

My dear fren saratul have said that to me once. And i keep her words in my mind.

Wanna wait up for my husband to be bacm home now.
And give him the biggest hug


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