Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My very first tudung yang i jahit tepi sendiri

After a few days getting my nesin jahit tepi repaired sebab dah dirosakkan oleh my husband.

I got to use it to jahit tepi one of the tudungs.

One thing nak belajar setting. Benang asyik putus.
Pastu nak masukkan benang dalam jarum macam oh my goddd sangatt.. so much torture.

Atleast i got the setting right for tonite.

As for the resuly of my jahit tepi.... welll..... hodoh giler i dont know what to do next...

Tapi its my first time kotttt. Maybe 5th time better than this la kan. That makes sense. No?

Tapi with the tudung like this. Deginately kenot juall laaaa.. ohhh goddd. Maybe just hntar kat tailor je.

U go around thinking jahit tepi is not that hard. And you try it then you know how wrong you are.

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