antara berat badan realiti dan berat badan yang tinggal sejarah

i have been meaning to wear this thing called peplum for a long time. since im gonna wear it later on so i guess, first i wanted to show the person who gave this dress to me.

basically we were in a fight because he dont want to let me wear this because its too tight in the chest area.. i convinced him that i will wear a proper hijaab.. of course i used a very powerfull weapon called "marajuk muka masam tanak cakap dengan awak da" and of course it worked like a charm..hehehehe :P

i tried this in front of my mom and she said i look ugly and fat and big. OMG!!!!! i really feel sooooo sad.. i keep asking my little brothers and they too said i look fat and big.. OH NOOOO!!! i still cant accept the fact that im bigger than i used to be.. T_T

but, i really wanna wear this.. i think i look okay. i think i look modest enuff.. sigh~~~

what do you think???


Mr. Juber said…
Yeah u look a bit chubbier, but , the elegance is still there :)

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