one two three

1. I quit my job as a part timer today..

2. I HAVE TO cancel going to KL, which i dont really mind because god's plan is always the best ;)

3. I finally find some common ground on certain issues with him

i have always knew that me and him is too much alike. i wonder if its a good thing. too many things that we have in common. as if he is the male side of me.

it keeps me wondering if we can work the relationship that we are going to have. insya allah, the marriage. we were discussing the habit that i cannot tolerate easily, which was smoking. all my life i have always wanted a guy who do not smoke. but, we always be tested with things that we afraid of.

the first time i knew him, damn..he smells soo good.. i dont think that he is a smoker. but yeah, he is. and i will have to compromise that.. that possibly be the hardest thing to tolerate. but, he accepts all my flaws. which is a lot i can tell you that. and he keeps telling me that he accepts me for who i am.

so..... i accept you, for all you are. for who you are. for what you are. for better or for worst. ;)


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