My idol

Vivy yusof.

You must know her. If not google her like now..

I got so inspired from reading her blog.
Giggles everytime she post something on her instagram.

Love her dynamics with her husband. (Kinda like mine except my husband is not too attached with me. He still
Leave me without regrets for gym)

Adore her passion for her work. I wish i have her spirit. So high energy. She dont take nap in the afternoon you know? ( me? Im writing this on my bed at 18.15 you got the idea alright)

I really wish to be like those high spirited high willed woman out there that make changes to the world.

While i adore them from my timeline.

Keep inspiring people mompreneurs. Im one of those who got spiked when i see you guys rolling. Thank god for being such an inspiration.


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