Fishing the fishes

Currently in Lumut. Marina island.

Husband is soooo in hus element which is fishing while im in the chalet. Crusing the net.

He forgot to kiss me good nite last nite.  owh i hate that. I hope he knows im sulking rite now.

Aj caught 2 fishes. Yeay?? Not really because they were small. Or maybe his expectations are too high.

The funny part was yesterday he was so unsettled. Thinking where should we put the fishes that he will caught. And he was so worried what if he caught more than one and we cant finish them. He even asked me ti ask the chalet people if they can bbq our fish.

I said to him. Lets just catch the fish first then we will think about what to do with them. Self confidence my husband have. 😢😢😢😢😢


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