we all lucky in our on ways

Knowing that hubs love me and i dont have to compete with anyone else calm me.

Often I see a woman fighting for attention from a guy. Then i remember the old me. And i say alhamdulillah.
for god has given me this one guy i dont have to ask for attention.

I see people posting on fb about lunch alone. And here i am. Having lunch with my hubs every single day.

And i see people post on fb about how their bf/husband get out late at nite and come back early in the morning. And there he is. My hubs is just beside me. He is such a home person. I love that. Except he goes out for gym. that annoys me. But give him some space.

And having him to always want me beside him is nice even sometimes suffocating. Hehe. When i get up he will be like: yang nak gi mana??

Well. I just wanna go to the toilet.

He will be ah. Ok.


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