healthy as a horse

Im feeling healthy these two days.
after i got my med from an nisa.
i cant believe that doc got meds for vomit.
in my mind i was like how its done.
did the med just squeeze my vomit nerves??
But somehow the meds work. Insya allah.
ubat hanya cara. Allah yang mengizinkan.
always have to remember that.

I guess now i got the point why god make me soo sick in my early stage. Becoz mann.
now im working like crazy since im feeling like a million dollar.

i have to be sick in order to just rest.
and Allah knows that. Masya allah.
Most time we hate something. Sedangkan ia baik utk kita. And most time we like something sedangkan ia buruk untuk kita. Another point to remember. Whatever happens. Allah knows best. Keep calm and say Alhamdulillah...

for the pain. Sickness. Vomitting. And all the things we hate..

And alhamdulillah for the rizq.
for the ability to help our family.
for the feeling of completeness and not wanting anything. Its a good feeling.


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