my 2015 dreams

They say if u want something. Write it down.
it makes it reality faster.

since nobody read my blog ai i decided im gonna go all out today. my hopes and dream. Materially of course.

1. this year i want to have atleast 7 small shops around kota bharu and one office for production and management staff. This should be done before 1 dec 2015. For the time being i only have 4 small shops. I need to be fast since i got a labor coming this august.

2. I wanna have income of 50k per month. And save up some money to buy a land near kb. And build my own house without loan. I really wish to avoid doing loan for my house.

3. I want to be able to have a maid after labor to take care of me and my house. Its time to have a wonderful house.

4. We plan to change our car this year end. first we think about audi and we decided that we gonna have a baby and we gonna need a bigger carboot to fit all the stroller and baby bags. And we want to drive our family around too. So.. vellfire it is.

5. My own brand to have a stable fb and instagram followers and start own production here in kelantan. And start online sale by raya this year.

I think thats all.. For this year. I have another 10months plus to plan and execute.


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