planning my delivery

So whats new guys?
me? Not so much. Just cant decide where i wanna have my labor.

My mom asking me for a government hosp.
i just think that i need privacy and nice nurses.
i know im gonna be a challange that day.
and of course im avoiding all the unnecessary problems. Like being scold by the nurse or the midwives.

Then comes the story of how not safe labor in private clinic will be.. and having a paranoid husband doesnt help.

I think my best choice would be at Hospital perdana.
get ready to spend 7k. Before gst. I think it will be more when my time comes.

Such a hard one. Argh...
okay. We are still considering a few othe private hospitals. That we can afford. Like 2-3k maximum for surgery.

Or another option is that we have to work harder until we can afford tge 7k delivery at perdana. Huhuhu


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