great dad

Currently in kuala lumpur.
currently dalam mood jiwang+sedih
poor husband.
he tried so hard to cheer me up.
keep telling me to not be sad.
sebab takut effect baby.

Baby.. mommy is sorry.
mommy is too emotional.
baby jangan ikut perangai mommy nanti pagi2 pon nanges.

Mommy loves you.
and mommy loves your dad.
because he tried so hard for both of us.
because he is the most responsible man mommy have ever met.
because hes with mommy 24-7
Because he never cries infront of mommy.
i wonder if he gonna cry when im having you.

He loves you so much baby.
i can see it in his eyes.
everything that relates to you.
he will be overjoyed. Over care. Over obsessive.

And most importantly cos your daddy is the one who marry me. And he is your greatest daddy i know he would be


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